School Sector Council


The Council is made up of 5 members of the School Sector Executive Committee along with official delegates from each CSN School Sector union. At present there are approximately 132 union representatives on the Council.

The number of official delegates that come from each union is determined by the number of members that each union has.

The Council’s Role

As well as fulfilling the role described in the rules and statutes of the Federation, the School Sector Council acts as a decisional body concerning all matters that pertain to the Sector. These include: receiving reports produced by all the Committees; making decisions regarding union alliances that are proposed by the Executive Committee; and making decisions concerning any recommendations that are presented for the Council’s approval.

During provincial negotiations, the School Sector Council is responsible for electing union members to the Negotiating Committee. It also makes recommendations at Union General Assembly Meetings concerning approval of the List of Demands for a new Collective Agreement and adoption of the Tentative Agreement.